Found Some Gas Stations For Sale? Try Getting SBA Financing NOW!

Financing gas stations and convenience stores has never been at the top of the list for most banks and lending institutions. Now it’s gotten even tougher. Because of recent changes in SBA lending guidelines,obtaining a purchase loan got a lot more difficult.SBA has been perceived as “B” credit financing for many people which is not accurate. SBA could finance things like working capital and inventory which banks frequently would not do on a conventional basis and generally would do a higher loan to value (LTV) loan than many banks. In reality, it was the banks lending the money and the SBA would guarantee the loan.Effective June 15, 2008, the SBA will require all sellers to provide an environmental indemnification agreement regardless if the site has ever had an environmental issue or not. Fun, huh? Imagine this… you’re buying a station that is a few years old…it’s in pristine condition… the site has never had an environmental concern… now the SBA wants the seller to sign that they will indemnify in case of leakage, spillage or migration for the entire life of the loan if the State’s LUST fund goes insolvent or if private insurance is not effect by the owner. So, even though YOU had nothing to do with the leakage or spillage, you might be responsible for it! Fun stuff… good times! How many sellers do you think will want to sign off on this? The SBA also will now require a Phase I environmental on business only purchasesSecondly, the SBA no longer wants to have appraisals with an income approach in it. Appraisers are in arms about this because this is contradictory to their own guidelines that they go by. They also want to have a business valuation done by a third party company instead of the income approach, adding time and expense to the transaction.If this isn’t bad enough, if you’re borrowing part of your down payment from a home equity loan, the SBA will require that if you are married, your spouse will need to work in a job that has nothing to do with your business, to assure that the home equity loan is paid.If this concerns you, it should. It would appear that the not so veiled message is that the SBA does not want to finance gas stations and convenience stores with fuel anymore. I’d complain to your local representative and Senator to make your feelings known.With all this having been said, it is imperative that you deal with people that specialize in financing gas stations and convenience stores, who hopefully are aware of financing in this asset class.

Guide to a Luxurious Lifestyle

Do you want a Luxury Lifestyle for Less? Yes, it is possible! You will be able to experience luxurious lifestyle comfortably with your budget. There are ways to visit great eating place as restaurants, consider fabulous vacations and wear posh clothing while appeasing within your budget.The key is to explore and plan. For example, several restaurants offer 2-for-1 deals and there are vouchers bristle for almost anything you can imagine. Even holidays are affordable. Reservation flight and hotel collectively along a web site like is the most comfortable and most efficient money-saving tip in traveling. Travelers can economize adequate to $500 when reserving a hotel and flight together. Book them on an individual basis, even one by one on the same day, and you do not get those reservations!Besides, when you are traveling it brings in a lot of sensation to apply a credit card with a good advantages program. Among the most beneficial on the market is the Chase Sapphire credit card; where you earn points for every purchase.However, designer clothing is likewise a field where business deal can be discovered. Visit consignment and penny-pinching stores to bump into your favorite brands for to a lesser extent. You can get the designer aspect by visiting rebate chains and department stores. Make sure to use those vouchers!Some other detail that addresses to a luxurious lifestyle is the vehicle you drive. Worry no more. Because you can have the expensive car look without disbursement of big money! There has been a growth in manufacturers of smaller cars proposing a lot of exciting designs and deluxe features antecedently but ascertained on more eminent priced cars. Therefore instantly you can get stirred up inducts, GPS, leather interior and iPod connections for less money than almost people are used to.While buying at internet, prior to completing the billing information, be sure to search for discount codes that can economize on transporting or assume a percentage off of your order. You will be stormed how several discount codes are out there. Speaking of the internet, there are good deals to comprise on a variety of discount websites like, and These sites however, offer deals on clothes and home commodities too.

Two Things Bad Home Repair Contractor Don’t Want You to Know

One of the biggest problems in the home repair business, is inferior work, performed by construction companies that either don’t know what they’re doing, or don’t really care. These companies are often overpriced and usually have clever salesman to convince their unsuspecting customers that they are the best company and perform top-notch work. Here’s a couple of things that these home repair contractors don’t want you to know.1. How They Are Going to Repair the Damage?The clever and tricky home repair contractors or salesman that are only interested in selling you on themselves or their companies, often have a way of explaining the particular home repairs to you. They will often tell you that they can fix that or repair this, but when it’s all said and done, it doesn’t look nothing like it should. If the customer complains, the clever salesman will usually backpedal and tell you that everything was done properly and you shouldn’t be complaining. The more aggressive contractors or salespeople will try to make you feel stupid or tell you don’t need to worry about something, but you need to hold your ground, especially if you want to get what you are paying for. The minute that you pay these people for inferior work, you’re just adding to the problem. They will go on to the next unsuspecting customers and do the same thing to them. It’s your responsibility to put an end to bad home repair contractors that make honest contractors look bad.2. Are these Repair Men Qualified to Fix Your Home?This is probably the worst thing that any good contractor can do in the home repair business, hiring people that aren’t capable of repairing your home properly. I knew a contractor one time that would give his new workers a company shirt and this gave others the impression that these workers had experience, even though most of them didn’t. I would often ask these new workers questions that they couldn’t even answer, let alone do the work correctly.It’s not hard to tell, whether a home repair is done properly or incorrectly. If it doesn’t look like it used to, before it was damaged, the home repair should be fixed again and again if necessary, until it meets your satisfaction. Like I said before, you’re not doing yourself or anyone else any favors by accepting shoddy workmanship. Put an end to these contractors and clever salesman who sell inferior home repairs.